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Working with teams in a change environment

Working with teams and individuals post acquisition or merger, business restructuring or change phases to maximise opportunities for an effective and efficient outcome whereby development and learning facilitate increased performance.

Mergers, acquisitions and change programmes can deliver great value if well conceived and properly executed. Many such initiatives struggle, however, and consequently do not realise their full potential value, or in the worst case, fail affecting the company’s bottom line and can result in loss of key staff with associated intellectual property. Fully half of all acquisitions and mergers failures, where failure is defined as divestment or closure within two years, are caused by insufficient planning for the ‘people aspects’.

Developing people integration strategies can therefore very significantly increase the likelihood of a successful merger, acquisition or restructuring/reorganisation.

  • Developing a clear people integration plan with action points and measurement
  • Co-ordination of people integration plan with ‘hard’ integration plan (facilities, IT, layout, location etc)
  • Mapping where critical decisions are required to be made, around elements of team integration or change
  • Supporting the execution of the integration plan
  • Checking feedback against progress and plan
  • Iterating as required to support the end goal of the integration plan

People change is perhaps the most significant challenge in the workplace today. Whether we are addressing a merger, acquisition or department or business reorganisation it is people and how we deal with them that materially affects the chances of success. Attention in this area is therefore merited and worthy of the investment of time and effort that is required. At the heart of a successful business you can always find a successful team.

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