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Entertaining, informative and accessible talks for different venues from cruise ships, after dinner, ‘offsites’ to conferences

Talks and themes include:

  • Leadership – exploring leadership impacts and aspects
  • Team effectiveness – what are the hallmarks of effective teams?
  • People integration – how should we approach team changes?
  • Developing trust – why trust can be a key factor in positively managing companies/organisations
  • Satellites and what they can show us*

Example satellite related talks:

Going into space – an introduction to why we send satellites out from our planet and how we go about doing this. What is a satellite made of and how are they built?

British launchers – did you know that Britain once had a satellite launch capability? A walk through the history of rockets with a focus on the development of our own launchers. Were rockets tested in your part of the country?

Looking at our planet – how can we use satellites to look at Earth? What can they tell us about the planet we inhabit? Covers environment to migration to natural resources and more.

Looking into the void – exploring what space technology can tell us about what is happening in our solar system and beyond.

Space in everyday life – how the space business affects our everyday lives. Prepare to be surprised by how many aspects of our modern lives have their roots in space developments.

When things go wrong – one can think of the space business as very ‘high tech’ but let’s explore some of the mistakes and blunders that have occurred and you might change your mind!

What’s next? – space already has had a big impact on our daily lives but what will happen in the next 5 to 10 years? We examine new developments and ideas for the future.

*For cruise companies

Ed Derbyshire’s satellite talks are via P & R Agency. Talks can be supplied in a non-seagoing environment by contacting Athelas Solutions.

Ed Derbyshire, MBNA, DBA






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