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Dr Edmund Derbyshire

A wealth of knowledge and experience working with people and processes

  • Energising and empowering people and teams
  • Aerospace and defence background
  • Seasoned practitioner informed by ‘hands on’ and academic inputs
  • Board level to shop floor experience
  • Merger, acquisition and change knowledge & experience
  • Business process improvement
  • Leadership training & coaching
  • Trust building expert
  • Established public speaker

Brief Biography

Born in the UK, Ed first learned to walk on a ship bound for Australia where he spent seven subsequent years. Returning to the UK in 1967, he attended the local grammar school and then, in 1975, having felt the call of the sea, attended an electronics college in preparation for joining the Merchant Navy as a Radio Officer.

After six years at sea he then entered the space industry working with a number of major satellite design, launch and operation companies over thirty years in the UK and abroad. Having experienced many satellite programmes from early feasibility studies through to in orbit testing and fault finding he has gathered a deep knowledge of this interesting and challenging business.

In the last ten years Ed has become very involved and passionate about the impact of people on successful businesses and the vital role that developing individuals and teams plays in making the workplace vibrant, fulfilling and meeting or exceeding the business and personal goals of its staff and management.

Ed has studied for an MBA and a Professional Doctorate (DBA) and has run a company working in the space business. He lectures part-time at Portsmouth University and is developing Athelas Solutions (bold) as a consulting business. He is also a capable and experienced public speaker sharing his experiences with people in a friendly and easily digestible way that suits all ages. He enjoys sailing, playing football and snowboarding.

Ed Derbyshire, MBNA, DBA

What is Athelas?
athelas solutions business consultant

A healing herb, called asëa aranion in Quenya and athelas in Sindarin, translated to Westron (represented by English) as kingsfoil.